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    Vertical Wave IP 500 Phone System

  • Open Standards IP PBX

    Voice Over IP – On Windows or in the Cloud

    • CCT offers a complete Unified Communications solution out of the box. As an open standards software PBX, installation and management of your phone system has never been easier.

    • You can effortlessly manage it yourself, whether on an appliance, on your servers or in your cloud account, or you can choose from a range of affordable CCT management plans. [Get in touch]

Modernise Your Communications

Many businesses are still using the traditional, old fashioned and out-dated telephone systems they’ve had for years. These systems are using local providers such as KCOM and BT to provide them with telephone lines as they’re not good enough to use alternative, cheaper options.

Having a new telephone system which has many features a traditional telephone system doesn’t have can provide businesses with huge benefits whilst also reducing on-going costs. CCT can provide you with a platform to provide voice, mobile and collaboration solutions to improve critical business workflows and facilitate the way you work in todays’ modern society.

As a specialist supplier of Vertical Wave and 3CX in Hull, we are ideally placed to visit, assess, install and manage your modern IP-based phone system. We have a variety of solutions which can bring new features to your communications both internal and external allowing you and customers to better interact with one another. Never miss a call again by having the flexibility of being mobile whilst still being available on your extension.

  • Some of the key benefits of having a modern telephone system are:

      There are alternatives to KCOM/BT which allow you to have cheaper call rates to mobiles and international calls.
      Installed on your desktop, this allows you to see active calls, availability of your colleagues, listen to voicemail and access your public or private address book.
      Allows you to view others or edit your own personal status to inform colleagues whether you’re available without having to call you first.
      Have a customer on the phone and need a quick answer? The desktop software which compliments the telephone system allows you to easily instant message a colleague.
      Create switchboards to direct calls to the correct place without having to tie up staff.
      This allows you to have staff at different sites whilst still connected to the same system. Benefits include free extension to extension calls.
      Create personalised rules on how to handle calls if you’re not at your desk. Easily get your voicemail from either your phone, desktop or email.
    3CX Cloud Hosted IP Phone System

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