WATCH OUT – There’s a phishing scam about!

What is a Phishing Scam?
A phishing scam is when someone tries to fraudulently gain your sensitive information, infect or control your device, or both, by posing as a trusted company.

Why are you emailing me about this now?
We have seen two phishing scams just this week, where users have been tricked into entering their details into a website posing as the Microsoft 365 login page. Not only did the link contain a virus, the scammer has then used the details to redirect incoming emails whilst sending out thousands of fraudulent emails including the same virus and phishing scam from the users account.

This Type of Scam Emails All Your Contacts, Including Potential Clients and Business Contacts. This Damages Your Personal and Professional Reputation.

Don’t Be The Next Victim!

How can I protect our business?
Have you heard of 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)? We can enable this service for all our Microsoft Office 365 Exchange users. Companies with 2FA enabled have to enter a one time code from a mobile device each time they log into a new computer, this means that even if your password is compromised, your account can’t be, unless the scammer also gets access to your phone. 2FA can be set up to use a code from an authentication app or a text message service to any phone number. It’s simple to set up and offers you peace of mind that your company data is more secure.

Does this mean I have to enter a code every time I log in?
No, when we enable 2FA we create a ‘one time password’ for all your devices, PC, phone etc. After these are entered these devices stay in sync with the server. However, logging into a new device or via the web browser will require a generated code to be entered, offering you an extra level of security from scammers.

We can’t protect you from user error but 2FA can!

What’s more is that there is NO MONTHLY COST for 2FA, just a one time set up fee, making this service an essential addition to any security conscious company.

What are you waiting for?

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